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The Top CDA Training For Infant Toddlers Questions Answered

by Erik Reyes

What is CDA training for infant toddlers groups? If you want to work in an early childhood education environment, take a look at what you need to know about the Child Development Associate (CDA) credential and the training courses necessary to earn this designation.

Is the Child Care Field a Career with a Future?

Are you a recent high school grad who isn't sure where to works? The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects an additional 27,700 jobs in the child care field will open between 2018 and 2028.

Unlike other careers, you don't need a four-year degree to work as an infant or toddler teacher. While some early childhood educators do have a bachelor's or associate degree, a CDA credential can start you on the road to a lifelong career in this rewarding field.

What Is a CDA Credential?

A CDA credential is not a degree program. Instead, a CDA training program can help educators (future and existing child care workers) to develop professionally and gain industry-specific knowledge.

What Is an Infant-Toddler CDA?

You can choose from several different CDA settings. These are divided by age group or type of care/job duties. The age group CDA settings include either infant-toddlers or preschool. The infant-toddler CDA credential holder works with children under age three. Preschool credential holders work with children ages three through five.

Along with age grouping credentials, you may also choose a family child care or home visitor CDA. To earn a family child care CDA, you need to work in a child care home with children five years or younger. Like the name implies, the home visitor CDA designation is for professionals who provide home visitor parental support or work for social services agencies.

Why Should You Take CDA Training Courses for Infant Toddlers?

The CDA credential shows you have the knowledge and skills necessary to work with young children. If you have little to no expertise or experience in this area, a training course can provide you with the basics. Not only does this add to your marketability (as you apply for jobs), but it also gives you the chance to learn new information and develop skills.

Even though a CDA training course is ideal for anyone new to the early childhood field, it can also help existing educators. If you've worked in a child care center with infant and toddlers for years, but don't have a degree or credential, a CDA can help you to advance your career.

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