Choosing Childcare Thoughtfully

Are You A Stay-At-Home Dad Transitioning Back To Work? 3 Strategies For Easing Your Baby Into Child Care

by Erik Reyes

As a stay-at-home dad, you've shared many special moments with your little one over the past several months or years. You've recently received a job opportunity that can't be passed up. Although going back to the workplace represents a huge change for your family, you also know that the right child care provider helps nurture your child's development. Use these strategies to ease the transition for everyone so that you can look forward to watching your child grow and learn in their new daycare:

Create a Consistent Schedule

Infants and young children thrive on a routine, and yours is likely to change now that you have to be at work at a certain time. Infant care programs strive to allow babies to eat and sleep according to their needs. However, you may need to wake them up earlier to have time to drop them off before you head to the workplace. If changes need to be made to your child's schedule, try to incorporate them gradually. Then, try to maintain a similar schedule during the weekends as your child has during the workweek.

Send a Familiar Object

By the time your child reaches the toddler stage of development, they have likely developed an attachment to a special blanket or toy. Consider sending something familiar to your child to their toddler care program that they can snuggle with whenever they feel the need. If you are worried about losing a special toy, then purchase a duplicate so that they can have one at their child care program as well as at home.

Try a Few Trial Runs

The relationship between your child and their caregiver is important, but it may take time for your child to feel comfortable spending time alone with someone new. If your child has rarely been away from you, then consider having a family member watch them for a few hours at a time until they get used to the separation. You can also work with your child's teacher to work out a few practice days where you can stick close by while your child gets familiar with their new classroom and teacher.

The transition to child care marks a major moment for you and your little one. Now that you have chosen the right program to fit your child's needs, help them adjust by maintaining a consistent routine and working with their child care teacher to ensure that they have everything they need to feel happy throughout their time away from home. 

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